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Cast-Back Elbow
Designed and manufactured to withstand the impact of large particle pneumatic conveying, the patented Cast-Back® elbow offers superior product protection.

The elbow has a 3/4” thick interlocking back tile, which also offers additional 1/4” thick side protection.

Plain ends, flanges, threaded, and custom ends our available.

  • Highly Abrasion resistant (MOHS 9+)
  • Impact Resistant
  • Built-in side protection
  • Easily replaces existing elbows
  • Does not change line flow
  • Available in any degree and most standard CLR's
  • Available in CS, SS, Alum, GS, and Induction Hardened
  • Pipe and Tube sizes offered
Common Applications
Clean or Dirty Grain
Grain Hulls
Coarse Sand

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