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Ceram-Back Elbow
The Ceram-Back® has a jacket across the back of the core elbow which is approximately 1/2" of ceramic compound. This compound has a Mohs hardness of 9+, second only to diamond, which has a Mohs hardness of 10. The ceramic jacket and core elbow is the wrapped with an exterior material to maintain the hoop strength. Once the core elbow has worn through, the abrasion is transferred to the ceramic outer jacket. The core also acts as a static conductor.

Options include extra coating and 360º coating.

Plain ends, flanges, threaded, and custom ends are available.

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  • Abrasion resistant (MOHS 9+)
  • Built-in side protection
  • Easily replaces existing elbows
  • Does not change line flow
  • Available in any degree and bendable CLR
  • Available in CS, SS, Alum, GS, and Induction Hardened
  • Pipe and Tube sizes offered
Common Applications
Abrasive Dust
Activated Carbon
Plastics (resin and compound)

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