Cam & Groove Fittings

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Part A
Male Adapter / Female Thread
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Part B
Female Coupler / Male Thread
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Part C
Female Coupler / Hose Shank
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Part D
Female Coupler / Female Thread
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Part E
Male Adapter / Hose Shank
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Part F
Male Adapter / Male Thread
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Part V
Dust Cap
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Part W
Dust Plug
Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Hard Coat Aluminum, Nylon, Polypropylene
Sizes: 1/2" to 12"
A large selection of Cam & Groove Parts not shown are also available
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Compression Nut Assemblies

Quick Change couplers to install male and female connectors with easy grip compression nut that requires no welding or epoxy to assemble. Used in low-pressure pneumatic conveying systems.
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Cam & Groove Swivels

  • Stainless Steel ball bearings provide a true 360° live swivel on a cam and groove hose connection
  • Smooth rotation prevents hose from kinking and twisting
  • A more versatile multi-barbed shank with locking ring is specially designed to allow for attachment via original Punch-lok®, Center Punch Clamps, or by an interlocked Pro-Grip® C-50 Ferrule.
  • Viton® is used for its high heat resistance and chemical resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals

Coupling Parts
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Cam & Groove Coupling Gaskets
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Safety Chains & Hooks
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Paddle Assembly
Also Available: Rings & Pins
Quick Line Adapters
A coupling or adapter welded to a short piece of pipe or tubing for easy installation
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