Compression Couplings

Compression Couplings
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The Compression Coupling is designed to join pipe and tubing for pneumatic conveying systems. The band type construction holds the entire surface of the joint in uniform compression

  • Couplings are made of heavy gauge zinc-plated steel.
  • Aluminum and Stainless are also available.
  • Gasket and ground strap included with coupling
  • Gasket materials: black and white Neoprene, silicone and other materials
  • Optional Gasket Protectors can also be included with couplings

Side Band Compression Couplings

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Dual locking side bands grip the pipes and allow higher operating pressures than normal couplings. Especially effective where line vibration is a problem on plastic pipe.

Available in pipe and tubing sizes 1-1/2” through 24"

Quick II Couplers
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Quick II Couplers can be installed with a twist of the wrist. The positive locking system turns easily to seal or to compensate for normal OD pipe or tubing tolerances. perfect for areas on your system where fast takedown and reassembly of lines is essential.

Available in single or dual tightening

Gripper Couplers

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Devised as a quick coupler for dry, bulk transport, tank tubing, this coupling provides better support than rubber hose and band clamps. Just slides onto tubing or pipe and tightens in seconds
Coupling Parts
Replacement Gaskets
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Gasket Protectors
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