Fabrication services for pneumatic conveying systems

Recognizing the distinctive requirements inherent to pneumatic conveying systems, we are proud to provide a complete array of fabrication services tailored to meet your individual specifications. Our certified welders, bolstered by state-of-the-art plasma and waterjet cutting capabilities, enable us to deliver turn-key products expertly assembled to your exacting standards. Trust us to provide the custom components that will seamlessly integrate with your system and exceed the expectations of both you and your valued customers.

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Progressive Products fabricates a variety of products – laterals, wyes, blow-thru adapters, cones, and hoppers – all to your specifications.

• Products can be fabricated in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

• Hypertherm High-Def Plasma capable of burning material up to 2” thick

• Maximum Waterjet capable of cutting material up to +3” thick

• Cincinnati Shear, 3/8” Plate at 10’

• Metal rolling machines, 36” to 120” wide

• Press brakes, 150-ton, and 225-ton

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