Pneumatic conveying experts since 1979

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Determined.

Since 1979, Progressive Products, Inc. has been developing components for pneumatic conveying systems. Our components are in use in pneumatic conveying systems in factories, grain handling facilities, chemical plants and other installations throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.

Our products, including the Ceram-Back® Elbow, have been used to optimize the performance of pneumatic conveying systems for 40 years. By combining these technically superior components with a thorough understanding of pneumatic conveying systems, industrial resellers, OEMs and end users can be sure they will get the durable, cost-effective, abrasion-resistant components that are right for the job.

When you contact us for product information or a quote, we evaluate your needs and apply our experience to the challenges you face. We help you identify underlying issues and develop innovative solutions to support peak efficiency from your system – quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Our goal is to ensure the information you receive from us is accurate, timely and gives you exactly what you need to make your pneumatic conveying system work better by reducing downtime, maintenance, and waste, and improving the performance of your system.

Progressive Products operates in a 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Pittsburg, Kansas, serving customers throughout North America and beyond.

Tell us your challenges. We’ll help you find solutions.

“Our Promise”

“We pride ourselves on high quality, reasonable prices, customer service, and innovative solutions. We are driven to build great products and create value for our customers.”
Todd Allison, President - Black Belt Certification in Innovation Engineering; Bronze Level training in Lean Manufacturing