Pneumatic Conveying Elbows for the Food & Pet Food Industries

Pneumatic conveying is one of the most effective, precise and essential ways to move dry materials in the food and pet food industries. It supports the manufacture of high-quality foods and pet foods in industries which are rigorously controlled, especially in terms of sanitation. At Progressive Products, we aim to solve your challenges of breaking and dusting, system maintenance, and abrasive elbow wear in your pneumatic conveying system, boosting efficiency and saving you time and money.

Food and Pet Food Industry Conveying Elbows

Food & Pet Food Industry Companies
Who Use Pneumatic Conveying Systems

A high volume of product is commonly moved through pneumatic conveying systems in the food and pet food industries. This provides challenges and considerations for companies such as:

Pet food plants • Wheat mills • Coffee processing plants • Chocolate plants

Search pneumatic conveying components that perform.

Materials Used in Food & Pet Food Industry Pneumatic Conveying

A wide variety of food staples need to be conveyed in these industries, including:

Pet food – either ingredients or kibble • Clean side grain

Flour • Sugar • Wheat • Coffee • Chocolate • Salt • Spices • Bone marrow

Challenges Food & Pet Food Industries Have with Pneumatic Conveying Elbows

Abrasive Wear

The main challenge for food and pet food industries is abrasive wear on their pneumatic conveying elbows. The need to frequently replace elbows isn’t ideal in terms of system downtime, cost, lost product, contamination potential, and resource.


When manufacturing coffee and chocolate beans especially, breaking becomes a challenge. Not only do the particles created clog the system, but the product can become unusable – and therefore costly.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is also a challenge. While a pneumatic conveying system won’t let any outside contaminants in, it’s important to minimize internal build-up of the product within the system as this can lead to bacterial growth.

How Progressive Products Solves the Food
& Pet Food Industry’s Pneumatic Conveying Elbow Challenges

With Progressive Products, your challenges with pneumatic conveying elbows have various solutions. We want you to have the elbows that are right for your needs, and we’ll talk through your requirements with you in detail before we recommend an elbow product.

Progressive Product elbows can save you time, resources and money because you’ll decrease system downtime and save product that would commonly be lost in blow outs.

  • For companies within the food and pet food industries, we may suggest:
    • Correctly applied Ceram-Back® elbows which lengthen the life of a bare elbow due to their hard ceramic coating
    • Cast-Back elbows if you have contamination concerns. These elbows are made of solid ceramic food-contact safe tiles

Increasing the Efficiency of
Your Pneumatic Conveying Elbows

What Progressive Products Does Differently

Every time we speak to a new customer, we take them through an in-depth consultation process. We’ll ask questions about your current system, your needs, how long the elbows you currently use last, the pattern of wear on your elbows, what concerns you have, what you’re manufacturing, how much you’re conveying, size of material, psi – and much more.

The pneumatic conveying elbows we use for the food and pet food industries are made using high-grade materials to help minimize contamination and make maintaining your system easier. We would never suggest using hollow back or cavity back elbows or any kind of elbow which may incur product build-up and lead to rotting and contamination, and we would also suggest using tile rather than ceramic beads for the same reason.

By going into this level of detail, we can make targeted recommendations for the elbows that are right for you. We can provide information and suggestions for specialty elbows, and with a thorough understanding of your requirements, we can save you unplanned system downtime, cost and resource.

Tell us your challenges. We’ll help you find solutions.