Dura-Quick™ Abrasion Repair Compound

The Dura-Quick™ emergency repair kit allows you to quickly patch up damaged components and continue to use them while waiting for replacement parts. This keeps your system operational until you can perform a complete repair, minimizing costly downtime. You can also use Dura-Quick™ to reinforce problem areas and increase the longevity of your system.

After mixing, the compound is workable for up to 45 minutes, and hardens in just two hours. You can use the entire amount at once or mix a partial amount and save the rest for future repairs. The repair kit contains all the tools you need for mixing and applying the Dura-Quick™ compound in one convenient package.

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  • Kit Contents

Typical Applications for Dura-Quick™

Dura-Quick™ Abrasion Repair Compound is suitable for use in any area, including:

  • Elbows
  • Bins
  • Walls
  • Pipe junctions
  • Transitions

Benefits of Progressive Products’ Dura-Quick™ Abrasion Repair Compound

  • Greatly reduces aggressive wear
  • Extends lifespan of bare metal by up to 10x
  • Saves you money by reducing maintenance, product loss, and downtime
  • All-inclusive kit containing compound, tools, and protective gear
  • Safe for food-grade applications