Air Locks

Our air locks for pneumatic conveying systems come in three sizes and four configurations. At 8”, our smallest valve has .004”-.005” end clearances and .003”-.005” diameter clearances. Configurations include standard construction, mildly abrasive service, corrosion-resistant service, and moderate abrasive service.

Each air lock features outboard bearings and seals, rotors with relieved tips and sides, and tapped endplates. Standard seal is a compression-type design that requires no field adjustments and is maintenance-free for the life of the seal. Air locks are also available with T-seals for top performance in severe operating conditions.

  • Airlock by Progressive Products

Benefits of Progressive Products’ air locks

  • No field adjustments
  • Tight tolerances
  • Maintenance-free for the life of the seal
  • Connect to many types of conveying equipment
  • Very reliable