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Putting the coatings or special backs on the back of the elbow allows us to reinforce nearly any size or centerline that can be provided. It also allows us to coat various fittings – tees, laterals, wyes, etc.

The Ceram-back® elbow lasts 8 – 10 times the life of the bare elbow.  The Flat Back elbow lasts 30 – 40 times the life of the bare elbow.

Yes, PPI offers a full wet paint system.  Additional charges may apply. A color sample or RAL will be required on special paint requirements.

The Ceram-back® material as well as the ceramic tile both rate at a 9+ on the Mohs scale.  

While we may not be able to bend all elbows in our facility, all backings are applied in-house.  

The Ceram-back® elbow is made of a proprietary compound that self-hardens to the back of the elbow and is used against sliding abrasion. The Flat Back elbow has cast ceramic tile encased in a metal backing and is used against heavy and impact abrasion. Progressive Products can help you determine which you have.  

Currently, we offer Ceram-back® backings on aluminum, stainless, carbon and galvanized steel elbows and fittings. On fabricated backings such as the Hollow Back and Flat Back we offer them in aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. Galvanized steel may be available upon request.

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