Durable and efficient pneumatic conveying parts for your industry

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Not every pneumatic conveying option is right for every system. That’s why we’ve spent more than 40 years perfecting specialized solutions that tackle the specific challenges of your products and your industry. So whether you convey fine powders, hefty bulk materials, or anything in between, Progressive Products has the parts you need for high-quality, wear-resistant processing.

pneumatic conveying elbows for heavy industry

Heavy Industry

Between dry bulk materials and abrasive by-products, transporting heavy industry products seriously punishes your pneumatic conveying system. That’s why we develop specially reinforced parts that defend your system against abrasive wear and maximize your profitable uptime.

Grain Industry Pneumatic Conveying Elbows


Protect your grain from friability, contamination, and abrasion with pneumatic conveying elbows designed to maintain the quality of your products. With a wide range of radius options and solutions for freshly harvested and process-ready grain, we’re prepared to solve your biggest conveying challenges.

Plastics Industry Pneumatic Conveying Elbows


Our specialty elbows are uniquely designed to combat streamers, color contamination, and material degradation in plastic conveying. Simply switch out your pneumatic conveying elbows with no changes to your convey lines to instantly increase your processing power and save time and money.

Food and Pet Food Industry Conveying Elbows

Food & Pet Food

Edible products such as coffee, flour, wheat, pharmaceuticals, and pet food need to meet high standards of quality and sanitation. By installing pneumatic conveying elbows from Progressive Products, you can achieve superior cleanliness and hygiene while also preventing clogs and decreasing system downtime.

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