Ceram-Back® Elbows

The patented Ceram-Back® elbow has a jacket across the back of a bare or core elbow which is approximately ½” of ceramic compound. This compound has a Mohs hardness of 9+, second only to diamond which has a Mohs hardness of 10. The ceramic jacket and core elbow are then wrapped with an exterior material to maintain hoop strength. Once the core elbow has worn through, abrasion is then transferred to the ceramic outer jacket, therefore increasing the life of your elbow. The metal core also acts as a static conductor.

Ceram Back Elbow 1
Ceram Back Elbow 2
Ceram Back Elbow 1
Ceram Back Elbow 2

Ceram-Back® elbows are available in:

  • Any degree and centerline radius (CLR)
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel
  • Pipe and tube
  • Plain ends, flanged ends, grooved ends, and other specified ends

You can also request customized Ceram-Back® elbows – just speak to one of our experts about your exact requirements.

Benefits of using Ceram-Back® elbows

Designed to eliminate unwanted costs such as maintenance, loss of material, and system downtime, abrasion-resistant Ceram-Back® elbows easily replace the conventional elbow without changing the line flow and are manufactured to remain in a pneumatic conveying system much longer. This means you can:

Reduce costs     •     Improve efficiency     •     Increase production

Ceram-Back® elbow applications

There is very little a Ceram-Back® elbow can’t do, and they’re used across a wide variety of industries from grain and pet food to plastics. These elbows are most commonly used to convey abrasive dust, activated carbon, cement, chemicals, grains, plastics (resin and compound), and silicates.

Are Ceram-Back® elbows right for your pneumatic conveying system?

As with any elbow, you need to make sure a Ceram-Back® elbow is right for your system. Choosing the right elbow depends on the design of your system and on how many elbows you need. If you have concerns, for example about contamination, severe abrasion, temperature or how much product is going into the system, call and talk to an expert.