Ceram-Back® Fittings

Ceram-Back® fittings are designed to match the wear and abrasion resistance of our Ceram-Back® elbows and other Ceram-Back® components. Common fittings are listed below.

  • Ceram Back Fitting by Progressive Products

Ceramic coatings

We can coat whatever parts you need with Ceram-Back®, including: 

  • Laterals
  • TYs
  • Wyes
  • Bifurcated bends
  • Cyclones
  • Tube adapters
  • Blow-thru adapters
  • Diverter valve transitions
  • Wear plates
  • Plain ends, flanges, threaded, and custom ends
  • And more…

Ceramic linings

We can ceramic coat or tile line the inside of cyclones, chutes, bins, target boxes, and certain types of valves.

Ceramic-coated dead-end tees

This specialty tee acts like a short radius elbow. Material fills up the closed end then protects itself from abrasion using the application material. This elbow is ceramic-coated for extra protection and is extremely effective against severe abrasion.

You can also request customized Ceram-Back® fittings – just speak to one of our experts about your exact requirements.

Benefits of using Ceram-Back® fittings

Ceram-Back® fittings are designed to be used with Ceram-Back® elbows to eliminate unwanted costs such as maintenance, loss of material, and system downtime and are manufactured to remain in a pneumatic conveying system much longer. This means you can:

Reduce costs     •     Improve efficiency     •     Increase production

To find out whether Ceram-Back® elbows and fittings are right for your pneumatic conveying system, call and talk to an expert.