Hollow-Back Elbows

Hollow-Back elbows are designed to capture abrasive product in the fabricated back cavity. The abrasive material then rides against itself. Hollow-Backs are made using a tube or pipe elbow, thus eliminating the need for transitions. Typical construction is with 10 gauge material, but thicker metal and abrasion-resistant steel plate are also available.

  • Hollow Back Elbow by Progressive Products

Hollow-Back elbows are available in:

  • Any degree and centerline radius (CLR)
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Pipe and tube
  • Plain ends, flanged ends, grooved ends, and other specified ends

You can also request customized Hollow-Back elbows – just speak to one of our experts about your exact requirements.

Benefits of using Hollow-Back elbows

This elbow is a great solution for higher abrasion applications with material that tends to pack. Using Hollow-Back elbows for this type of product helps reduce loss of material and system maintenance time. In turn, this improves system efficiency and increases production.

Hollow-Back elbow applications

Hollow-Back elbows are most commonly used in heavy industry to convey powdered coal and sand.

Are Hollow-Back elbows right for your pneumatic conveying system?

As with any elbow, you need to make sure a Hollow-Back elbow is right for your system. Choosing the right elbow depends on a number of factors, including the design of your system, how many elbows you need, and how abrasive your product is. If you have any queries or concerns, call and talk to an expert.